DIY: Turn Shorts Into Skirt


Having the ability to sew, sometimes you get something second hand based on the material and potential to transform it into something else.

When I saw these corduroy shorts for the first time I knew straight away they'd make an ace skirt. So here are the steps I followed, and you can too, to turn pants into a cute skirt. 


The Essentials

- Pants that either fit well or are oversized

- Thread

- Fabric Scissors

- Sewing Machine (& denim needle if sewing on thicker fabric)





Cut up the leg seams so that the nicer/decorated edge sits on the top. Then cut up the crotch until you reach the point where it stops curving. 


Place back down one layer flat and then overlap the second over the top. Don't force them to overlap too much otherwise it'll begin to gather at the crotch.

If it's not a clean cut, fold the edges under to hide frays and pin into place to sew together

TIP: If the split is too high and doesn't cover you enough. Add a layer of material underneath as a third layer to fill in the gap. 


Sew down crotch and down the old leg seam. 

Repeat these same steps for the backside.

If the pants were originally too large or too long then take in the side seams or bring hemline up by desired amount.



And that is how you transform a pair of pants into a skirt! 



Hope this was helpful! As always, let me know if you give this tutorial a go and how it turns out. Hashtag the outcome #essentialsclub on social media.