DIY: Faux Leather Panel Pillow Case

Add a warm touch to your living or bedroom space in three easy steps with this minimal faux leather panel pillow DIY project.


The Essentials

- Faux Leather Fabric

- Linen Fabric 

- Thread

- Fabric Scissors

- Sewing Machine





Cut the pleather into four equal squares. The sizing depends on what you want the final outcome to be. Say you're making a 50cm x 50cm pillow case cut the squares into 27cm x 27cm as this includes seam allowance.


Divide the squares into pairs, place good sides together and sew down one seam. Then unfold the pairs, place the good sides of these now two panels together and sew down one of the longer edges.  


That's the front side done.  I try and avoid using zippers and buttons wherever possibly (so damn fiddly) so with pillows I create an overlapping back section where you can just slip the pillow through. Cut the panels 3/4 length  of the front side. Then Hem the end that will overlap and show.  Place the good sides of the linen and the good side of the pleather together. Pin corners and overlapping areas to keep in place and sew around the edge of the pillow case.


Flip the good side out and slip a pillow in to your new case. 

Easy as that. 



Hope this was helpful! Let me know if you give this tutorial a go and how it turns out. Hashtag the outcome #essentialsclub on social media.