Creative Club: Klams Noosa


I've been a number one fan girl ever since the early days of Klams . Not just for the fact it gets me one step closer to living my mermaid dream, but the vision, brand ethos and the woman behind it all are one hell of an aligned package that I cannot resist. 

Founded by Alex Mearing, Klams is a designer swimwear label that goes far beyond the stunningly shell shaped pieces you see. Being in the presence of Alex is inspiring to say the least. Her depth of creativity, self awareness and endless curiosity in learning and chasing what sets her soul on fire has been a continual source of motivation for myself. She's an incredibly talented individual who wears many hats and I thought the world needed to see her work, hear a little about her story and get a peak into the mastermind behind Klams.



How did Klams evolve into what it is today?

My background is making bespoke wedding dresses for individual clients and one day I made velour shell bikini for myself and Klams was born! Initially the swimwear was just a product, but the more I worked with Klams by creating content I discovered it was a mermaid brand which I found was difficult to accept at first. Then through lots of research I realised mermaids are a celebration of feminine empowerment, self love and independence and I love that it revolves around divine feminine energies. 

Klams are designed to plunge you into the realm of the mermaids and immerse you deeply in your radiant feminine essence and be proud of your womanhood. We also started an account called @newagemermaid to empower and invoke female beauty, radiance and authenticity by collaborating with likeminded creatives. 



What’s your background and how did it lead you to what you do now?

I studied fashion design and textiles and then worked for an Australian fashion designer, where I worked as a design, office and production assistant, which gave me the skills and confidence to start a business.


Where do you draw your inspiration from at the moment?

You can feel inspired by creatives on social media but it really is something else when you meet a woman or man in person who radiates their authentic self, through personality, charm, style and everything seems effortless. That is inspiring to me. 


As a creative what are your essentials to keeping fresh and motivated?

Being in nature and the sun is a daily ritual. Being with positive, fun and encouraging people is really important. You need to know your real desires and what your purpose is, which is a process. 


Where do you call home? And do you have any local insider gem spots you can spill the beans on?

I have fallen in love with Noosa. The lifestyle is so good. Most mornings I walk my dog to main beach and swim in the ocean or just watch the sun sparkle on the ocean and listen to music. This makes me feel so happy and it’s the best way to start the day. There are so many hidden gems at Noosa National Park, but I’m a mermaid and we like to keep our spots a secret :) 


What’s the one thing you’ve made and you’re proudest of?

I get a lot of satisfaction when I see how happy and confident a bride feels wearing something I have made for them. 


Thinking back to when you started the business what's one piece of advice you’d give yourself?

Know your weaknesses and ask for help from others in those areas so you can focus on growing the business. 


I'm definitely much more comfortable behind the lens but when the opportunity comes up to become a mermaid for a day it's a pretty obvious choice to break out of the comfort zone.

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