DIY: Easy High Waisted Corduroy Shorts

Make these epic high waisted elastic shorts. I've used corduroy but any material works with these steps just depends what look you're after - denim, linen, silk. Comfy fit perfect for weekend adventures, cafe hopping or just lounging around.


The Essentials

- Fabric

- Matching thread

- Elastic

- Fabric Scissors

- Sewing Machine





Highwaisted shorts pattern-06.png

Find some shorts you have and like the fit of, then fold inside out to get crotch/waist measurements and pattern. As these are a slightly oversized fit add another 1.5 inches to either straight side of the side seams. If the original pants aren't high waisted remember to add height to pattern.  (TIP: use a bit of butchers paper to outline, cut and perfect pattern). include Seam Allowance - at least 1cm on sides and 3cm on top/bottom. 


once you've nailed the pattern cut out four panels - 2 sets of opposites. Place the good side of the opposites together and sew down crotch seams.



Place the two seperate pieces on top of one another, with good sides facing and sew down the sides and across the Leg crotch seams.



The garment should be beginning to resemble a pair of pants. Time to clean up the edges. Hem the top and bottom. 


Next cut the elastic so it fits securely around your waist. Create a tunnel big enough for the elastic to fit through the top and sew down. Make sure to not completely seal it and allow a gap to slip the elastic through.


Attach a safety pin to one end of the elastic and thread through the tunnel. Once all the way through pin the ends together and try on to test tightness. Adjust accordingly and sew elastic together. 


The best thing about sewing for yourself is now you get to try it on and truly tailor it to what you like. Too wide? Take it in some more. Too long? Make the hems bigger. Not tight enough? Overlap the elastic more. 

These are just guides to give you the essential steps. Make it your own and do what works best with your body and style.


Hope this was helpful! let me know if you give this tutorial a go and how it turns out. Hashtag the outcome #essentialsclub on social media.

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